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The countdown is on…

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Today I ran my 48th parkrun!

I went to bed last night with the start of a cold but determined that I would make it to parkrun. This morning I was blowing out green snot but still determined to run, though oddly equally determined that it wouldn’t be Victoria. I do like Victoria parkrun, but today the same three laps around the same park didn’t appeal. I could have gone somewhere completely new but did not fancy a longish drive so opted for a second visit to Springburn park (you can read about me visiting the inaugural Springburn parkrun here).

The Pond

The Pond in Springburn Park

Sprinburn parkrun is one of the small Glasgow parkrun families and there were only 67 other runners today. I wasn’t expecting a fast run so was surprised to find my average pace to be 8:30 min/mile half way through the first mile. I didn’t quite maintain that pace but still finished in 28:06 for my 3rd fastest parkrun time (and on a hillier course than my fastest two). I even finished 3rd in my age category out of eight!

It just goes to show that green snot is not a contraindication for going to parkrun 🙂 (and also that my speed and hill sessions are paying off).

My reward was a second breakfast. February isn’t too early for hot cross buns is it?



One thought on “The countdown is on…

  1. After your favourable experience with green snot, I will review my own attitude towards it.

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