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Edinburgh parkrun


This morning I had planned to go to Ayr parkrun: I checked directions and then thought I should check the results history to see what the likelihood was of cancellation in frosty weather. Hmmm, the most recent event was the 03/01/2015. I found their Facebook page and discovered that the parkrun has been cancelled until the beginning of March due to ground work!

A quick check on the directions/timing to Edinburgh parkrun and I would make it with a few minutes to spare if I got dressed fast!

I made it, and was treated to a run along the cold, frosty, Cramond Promenade with stunning views of Cramond Island and the Firth of Forth. The course is an out and back along the wide promenade with a lolly pop loop at the turn around point. Despite the 500+ runners it did not feel crowded, and it was very well organised with a slick finishing tunnel and distribution of the finish tokens at the end. The patches of frost slowed me down in places so I was happy to record my second fastest time of the year.

My 49th parkrun completed and my 12th of the 17 Scottish parkruns (the numbers are growing steadily!). Next week it will be back to Victoria for my 50th parkrun. Fingers crossed it is not cancelled as it was today!


4 thoughts on “Edinburgh parkrun

  1. 500 parkrunner? Gosh! Launceston has the largest number two weeks ago (I think) 247. It looks lovely. Only one more to your 50th, hoping the weather is good on Saturday!

  2. Enjoy your 50th next week.
    Do you have to take cake?
    I think that’s the law isn’t it?

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