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I joined the 50 Club!


For my 50th I returned to my local, favourite, Victoria parkrun. It was cancelled last week due to ice but yesterday was a balmy 7C and the wind and rain held off. We were even back to the usual route and with the crocuses out it was possible to believe that spring is on its way.

Last week I had this conversation with notmuchofarunner:

50th parkrun

Duly advised, I made my mum’s caramel slice to take along. Some running club colleagues had promised to put in an appearance to join me but it ended up being the usual faces who managed to get their butts out of bed for the 9:30 start (all the more caramel slice for us!).

me 50th parkrun

I did not quite manage a PB but was happy with 27:44, my fastest time this year and only my 3rd time under 28 minutes. I’m getting there!

Celebrating with caramel slice!

Celebrating with caramel slice!

I ran my first parkrun at Pollok on the 01/06/2013 but did not run another until the inaugural Victoria parkrun on 12/10/2013. Having a parkrun less than a mile from my house has clearly been the key and in 17 months I have run 49 parkruns, 32 of which have been at Victoria. The other 18 parkruns have included 11 different parkruns, all in Scotland.

For my next 50 I intend to get around the rest of the Scottish parkruns, finally get to some in England and Australia and get my time under 27 minutes. All wearing my new red t-shirt 🙂


5 thoughts on “I joined the 50 Club!

  1. Well done on 50 parkruns! And the speedy time! A good weekend for you 🙂

  2. Long Saturday morning runs have taken over from parkruns for me at the moment. Still a way off 50 for me.

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