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Two weeks ago I ran Victoria parkrun in a time of 27:29, just 7 seconds off the PB I set in July last year. I may not have scored a personal record but Victoria parkrun did with a record attendance of 270. I didn’t need to see the official numbers to know that it was busier than usual: I had started from my preferred position towards the back and was surprised to find it very slow going for the first quarter of a mile, with a tightly packed field of runners. It probably took me more than 7 seconds just to cross the starting line.

So I have had my eye on that PB since, turning down a chance to run at another, much hillier, parkrun this morning. I also learnt from my mistake and positioned myself towards the front. It was perfect spring running weather: dry, cool but not cold and almost sunny. 

Starting towards the front with the fast runners always risks going out too fast, which I did but quickly settled into an 8:30 minute/mile pace. The second mile saw the onset of gut grumbling and I began to wonder whether I might need to make a choice between a toilet stop and no PB or a very embarrassing PB. I decided not to panic and ignored the grumbling a bit longer before it thankfully went away. 

The last mile hurt but I kept my pace to around the 8:50 min/mile and started doing basic addition in my head to work out my time…Yes, I could have just looked at my Garmin, but adding it up distracted me from the pain. I managed a sprint finish (well, it felt like a sprint to me!) and crossed the line in…

26:43!  ๐Ÿ˜€

My weekly interval or hill sessions are starting to pay off and I now have my eyes very firmly set on that sub 26 minute 5k. 

Happy Easter everyone!


10 thoughts on “parkrun joy

  1. A wonderful PB despite the tummy grumbles. Very well done!!! Hills sure do make us stronger.

  2. A happy Easter indeed when it starts with a PB, well done

  3. It was an EPIC sprint finish! Give it a week… I’ll be chasing you!

  4. Happy Easter to you too and congratulations on your new PB! Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Brilliant! Well done on the PB!

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