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Tuesday nights


There was no parkrunning for me last Saturday as I was off gallivanting in Italy, visiting my brother and his family. I flew into Venice airport on Friday and had a couple of hours wandering around the canals before getting the train north. The weekend was spent hanging out with my niece and nephew and eating pizza and gelatti. Back home yesterday and back to reality today.  

Since January I’ve been using my Tuesday night run as a hill/interval session and it has evolved into a 3 week cycle:

  • Week 1 – 10 x 1 minute sprints with 40 second recovery
  • Week 2 – Hill sprints (this started as sprints on one hill but I hated that so its now “find lots of hills and sprint up them”)
  • Week 3 – 3 x 1 mile efforts with 2 minute recovery

Tonight was Week 3 and I decided to increase it to 4 repeats, in preparation for the 10k race I’ve entered in May. Before heading out for my Tuesday night run, I nearly always feel apprehensive and try to think of a reason not to do it. I then start, and it hurts so I decide that I can just do it easy if I want to, until I look at my Garmin and realise that I’m on target for pace so end up finishing the set as planned, and feel great.

Tonight followed the usual pattern: It was a lovely spring evening, sunny, 18C which is much warmer than it has been all year, though I still tried to bargain my way out: “I could run tomorrow” “I’m tired” etc. I ignored the voice and went anyway.The first mile went to plan and felt easy, an 8:40 minute mile. The second mile held at 9:00 minutes and was hard, but that was ok, I had an extra mile to do, so fine if the pace was held back a wee bit. 

Things came unstuck in the third mile. Part way through my GI track started to make its presence known, grrrr. I made the mistake of looking at my watch, still 0.5 mile to go. I stopped in my tracks without really knowing why. I walked for a bit then started running again. It didn’t last long, and I was walking again. A couple more of these and I gave up, turned off the intervals on my watch and headed for home: A slow run, gastro grumble, walk, run.

Frustrating and discouraging.

What happened? I’m inclined first to blame it on being all in my head, but if I’m being objective the ‘heat’ and sun was a shock to my un-acclimatised body (5 months of running in sub 8C temps!). Then there are the GI issues, I’ll spare you the details but probably eating crap food before heading out the door and (oddly, but with a definite pattern) the change in temperature also appears to disagree with my body.

Ah well, there’s always next Tuesday (and I’m sure we won’t be enjoying the lovely weather for long!!). 


2 thoughts on “Tuesday nights

  1. Wow, off to Italy just like that! That’s so cool. I like your three week cycle of Tuesday training. We’ve been doing a bit of the same thing so mixing it up might be a good idea. I so hate it when the old GI demands attention. There is always next week to have another go x

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