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Should I panic?


Yesterday, during the 3rd and final lap of Victoria parkrun, as I rounded a corner, I landed on the outer edge of my left foot and twisted my left ankle. It was the same ankle and in the same way that I twisted it five weeks ago, though this time I managed to stay upright. My ankle hurt and I limped up the hill, wondering if I should give up but realising that my friends were at the finish line, so I may as well cross it and get a time – however woeful. I broke into a pathetic jog with a slight limp, crossed the line, then got a lift home.

I spent the rest of the day with my foot elevated and intermittent icing and pulled out of today’s jog leading. This morning my ankle is barely swollen and I can walk on it fairly easily. Range of motion into inversion is limited and it’s a bit sore.

I should feel relieved (I do feel relieved) but I also have that sinking feeling that precedes the onset of panic:

On the one hand I feel like a complete wuss: I’ve read your blogs, I know what kind of injuries you all run on. A barely swollen, easy to walk on foot? I should have run that 12- 13 miles today that I desperately need to fit in.

On the other hand, I had never before twisted my ankle and now I’ve done it twice in 5 weeks. The first time felt fine and I was running on it within a few days, though it has been stiff (when inverted) ever since. What if it happens again?

The panic? In six weeks I have a half marathon. A trail half marathon. In the Lake District. And this is what the elevation profile looks like:

Coniston Trail Hal Marathon

Coniston Trail Half Marathon

In comparison to my half-marathon last year, I’m under-prepared, and that was a flat race! I ran 11 miles 3 weeks ago, 10 miles 2 weeks ago (though this included a club run so had some faffing for 15 minutes between mile 3 and 4). Over the next 5 weeks I need to fit in 3 or 4 good long runs, with at least some of them on trails, preferable hilly trails! All manageable, as long as I have a functioning ankle.


4 thoughts on “Should I panic?

  1. Take it easy – you know your body best, and what it means. It’s a hard lesson, I know! Hope it’s ok, and doesn’t pose you any problems.

  2. Thank you! Sometimes it’s hard to know where to draw the line between resting & pushing on.

  3. Do what you think is right with that ankle. Go get it checked out maybe. Look after yourself!!! That looks like a wonderful profile to really get to love hills!!! Take care Tahnee x

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