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The Physio


I took my left ankle to the physio on Tuesday night, with feelings of fraudulence at my very minor injury. He listened to my story and examined my ankles, strength and general range.  I nearly leapt off the plinth when he moved my foot into internal rotation, but was oddly reassured that that amount of pain probably meant I was not imagining it.

I left with exercises and the order to have a week off running and then to start with a 10 minute run, building it up by 10 minutes at each run. Another week without a long run. Sigh.

Saturday I walked to Victoria parkrun where I volunteered with the other injured runners. I was Timekeeper, which I dread because of the PRESSURE but my backup timer and I managed not to stuff it up. I then walked to my friend’s house to feed their cat and home again – about 2.5 miles.

I could have returned to running today but it was pouring with rain and I reasoned that another day off wouldn’t do me any harm. I had also thought that dusting off my bike would be a great way to maintain my fitness, but I didn’t, because, well – rain. (I say this but actually at nearly 8 pm it is still light out, the sky is clearing and the road is nearly dry…I’m staying here on the couch).

One of the advantages of not running, is opportunities to go out for brunch with friends. Maybe this running caper is overrated 🙂

I have been doing my strengthening exercises and balance exercises and mobilsation religiously and this evening the mobilisation exercises are a wee bit easier which is encouraging. Tomorrow is a bank holiday and I’m going to an RSPB reserve with a friend for a walk and some bird watching. I will however fit in a 10 minute run. I’m feeling encouraged about my ankle but a lot less so about my general fitness and my half marathon in the Lake District in 5 weeks. I hope I make it round in under the 3 hour cut off!


2 thoughts on “The Physio

  1. Glad to hear you went to see the physio, hope the ankle keeps getting better!

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