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Glasgow Women’s 10k


Running and injuries have improved steadily over the past two weeks. I have had some weird niggles in my left ankle, both the sprained part on the outside as well as the inside of my ankle, though I seem to be keeping it all under control with exercises, stretching, massage and the odd skipped run when it seems prudent.

Last Sunday was the Glasgow Women’s 10k, held on the South side of the city. Last year the race was 3 weeks before my half marathon: I ran the 10k, setting a PB then ran home for an 11 mile run. This year I knew there was no chance for a PB so I decided to run to the start line in the hope that it would take the pressure off during the race. This worked very well, except that I set out too early so still had 30+ minutes standing around waiting for the start.

I’ve written before about my running club’s efforts to attract more women. It appears to be paying off and 8 of us ran in the Women’s 10k. At the start line I bumped into Laura, one of my club mates. She was in our Couch to 5k group over the winter and kept coming along to our 5k – 10k training runs. Her goal was to get as close as possible to the 60 minute mark so I decided to run with her. We barely exchanged 10 sentences for the whole race but we managed to keep each other going. This, along with the support from our club mates who came along and stood at the side of the road to cheer us on, meant I enjoyed the run much more than I expected. I was also perfectly happy with my time of 1:01: 43, and my total of 9.6 miles for the day.


Women’s 10k, Glasgow FrontRunners and supporters

This morning I was back to Victoria parkrun after a week off. The weather was perfect and I ran into fellow Janathoner, Derek from Athletic Aspirations at the start line. Derek is coming back from injury so was happy to run with me for the first lap before he took a walk break. He of course kept catching back up with me but was kind enough to let me cross the finish line ahead of him!  I was much happier with today’s run, sub-28 minutes (more than 2 minutes faster than two weeks ago).

The Coniston Trail Half-Marathon is only a fortnight away, so tomorrow will be a long run. I’m aiming for 12+ miles, which should probably be on trails, but I may have talked myself out of that already! 

The startline at Victoria parkrun


Victoria Park in bloom



4 thoughts on “Glasgow Women’s 10k

  1. Well done on the 10km, that is a really good result seeing as though you’ve been coping with an injury 🙂

  2. Well done; your pics of Victoria Park are great! 😀

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