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A sneaky weeknight trail run


As predicted on Saturday, I talked myself out of doing a long trail run on Sunday (mostly because I was worried that it was big ask for my ankle), so I ran my usual long run route but with a new detour through Dawsholme Park, which I had explored on foot the day before with a friend and his dogs. I managed 13 miles, a couple of miles of which were on trails in the park. I was completely knackered by the end but so pleased to have managed the distance and to be niggle free.
Yesterday, in a personal first, I took my running kit and trail shoes (which have not seen the light of day in a year) to work, changed there and went straight to Mugdock Country Park. The park is to the north west of Glasgow, and borders the southern section of the West Highland Way, a long distance path that joins Glasgow to Fort William, via the southern highlands. At weekends and on bank holidays the place is jam packed with dog walkers, families, horse riders, hikers and mountain bikers. On a cool Tuesday evening in late May it is practically empty. 

I started with a lap of the park then headed to the West Highland Way. Other than a brief drizzle of rain, the weather was perfect: windless, cool and even occasionally sunny. I made the mistake of not having a fully charged phone, and it died just before the half way mark – a missed opportunity for more photos and possibly not very safe! That aside, it was pretty much as close to the perfect run as it is possible to get. I ran 8.5 miles and lost myself in the bluebells, the burnt-coconut smell of gorse, bird song, ancient oak trees, lochs and hills.

It is only 10 days now until the Coniston Trail Half Marathon. I’m feeling more prepared than I thought possible a month ago and I’m even starting to look forward to it!

My other achievement for the week is that I’ve signed up for Juneathon! Prepare yourself for a month of exercise and blogging: it is likely to get very boring very quickly!



5 thoughts on “A sneaky weeknight trail run

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run!

  2. That looks like a lovely place to run. I would live to do a trail half marathon, good luck with yours.

  3. Nothing like a run straight after work in a lovely place πŸ™‚

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