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Juneathon Day 1 – In a spin


A pinch and a punch for the first of the month (and no return). It is June which means it is Juneathon. The mid year cousin of Janathon, a month spent jogging, logging and blogging. To be fair I don’t jog daily, though I do some kind of exercise, and my logging takes place in my Runner’s World Training Journal, but I will indeed blog every day. 

Given the torrential rain this afternoon, I was (not so secretly) pleased that today was not a running day. I have started going to Spin classes. It is part of my “try to be a slightly faster runner than I currently am” goal, as I’m getting increasingly narked at the people who used to be much slower than me or who only started running two months ago and are now faster than me. 

Yeah, yeah, I know, I should only be focused on my own times and it isn’t a competition blah blah, whatever!

I joined the Glasgow Gyms, which are run by Glasgow City Council, with a pay as you go membership. I’m not committed to a contract, I get a discount on the drop in price and I can still book into classes online. I have now been to four classes and I have had 4 different instructors. The first week I went to a more distant gym because all the classes at the local gym were full. It was quite an experience. The gym was in a red brick building in the middle of a housing estate and there were no signs. The gym was really small and the bikes old but I sweated like a pig so figure it was doing me some good!

Since then I’ve been to the local gym but have had a different instructor each week. Each of the instructors have been very different: The class two weeks ago was the weirdest. There was lots of trying to do push ups with your arms on the handle bars while still trying to pedal standing up. I was not coordinated for that and it just felt completely silly (and I have to question the benefit of it too). Tonight’s class was the best, I’m not sure exactly why, other than I definitely felt my heart rate elevated, I could hear the instructor clearly and there were no stupid handle bar push ups! This instructor is the regular instructor of an earlier class that is always fully booked for the next week by the time the current class has finished. But of course people book and then don’t turn up, so I’m going to attempt a gate crash next time. 

So for Juneathon Day 1:

Spin Class 


10 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 1 – In a spin

  1. I used to like spinning, but I completely lack co-ordination. It was always a kin to a danger sport for me 🙂

  2. Good work….looking to following the month with you…

  3. I really must get better at cross training – can’t see myself in a spinning class though. Well done one day 1!

  4. I get that funny feeling when slower people get faster…it’s like ‘how did that happen?’

  5. hmmm i need to crosstrain but spinning scares the … out of me *lol* im afraid i may keel over and die!

  6. Good luck with your “get faster” mission! I’m with you on that … newer runners always faster than me! I am going the lose pounds so that I can carry less round the course route 😉 Spinning scares me too!

  7. NO! EVERYTHINGS A COMPETITION! And this is why I run alone… except with the 200 odd others at parkrun, I’m the only person I can get narky with.

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