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Juneathon Day 2 – Bird watching


It is now only 5 days until the Coniston Trail Half Marathon so I’m well into the taper. I had planned to run 4+ miles tonight, but 1.5 miles in I was feeling knackered so I took the short cut down to Victoria Park. For once I had remembered to take my phone with me so got some photos of the feathered residents – I wasn’t fast enough to photograph the swallows and I have spared you the pictures of mallards! Once home I forced myself to do some of my physio exercises – single leg squats, calf raisers on the step, hopping about.

Juneathon Totals:

Running – 3.43 miles


Coot Nest


Tufted Ducks


Heron in flight



4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 2 – Bird watching

  1. Well done on getting that heron photo

  2. Fab photos! PS – hate to point it out, but it’s Juneathon (I only noticed because I did exactly the same thing)

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