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Juneathon Day 3 – Stupid tooth


A few months ago my colleague Lindsey asked me if I wanted to go with her to a roadshow hosted by our professional body. I didn’t really but if it got me out of work for a few hours, then I was willing to put in an appearance! So she signed me up THEN told me it was from 5 to 8 pm. Gah!

So after work today we trundled off to the southside for our roadshow and made it worthwhile by taking our share of post-it notes, triangle shaped highlighter pens and notebooks. They must have known that I was likely to starve to death if not fed between 5 and 8pm so provided us with sandwiches, tea and biscuits. All very nice until I broke a tooth partway through a tuna mayonaise and cucumber sandwich. I ask you – who breaks a tooth eating a tuna mayonaise and cucumber sandwich? And this is the 3rd time I’ve broken the same tooth since October last year (which is possibly more relevant to the story than the tuna mayonaise and cucumber sandwich).

I got home at 8:30 and because it is Juneathon I did some of my core-strengthening/physio exercises:

  • Bridges with alternate leg extensions (3 x 10 on each leg)
  • Planks with alternate leg lifts (3 x 18)
  • Side leg lifts (lie on my side, lift leg) (2 x 25 on each leg)
  • Calf raisers (stand on one leg on a step, lower heel below step, raise up) (3 x 12 on each foot)
  • Balance (stand on a cushion on one foot while throwing a ball in the air and trying to catch it)

8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 3 – Stupid tooth

  1. Oh I see a dentist visit in your future.

  2. I honestly don’t think I would succeed if I tried to stand on a cushion on one foot whilst throwing a ball in the air.. I might succeed in visiting my A&E colleagues and giving them a laugh, but thats about it! Hope your not in too much pain with the tooth!

  3. I hope the tooth is going to be ok! Why can’t teeth be like fingernails? Love your core strength exercises…they look good.

  4. Stupid teeth! I’ve been putting of going. Half of mine fell away a couple of months back…putting things off while in no pain :-/
    Good luck.

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