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Juneathon Day 4 – A splendid evening for a run


My running club meets on Thursdays and I went along this evening for the first time in weeks (I can’t actually remember the last time I was there!). The late spring weather of 2015 has left a lot to be desired in Scotland. As an example, on one day last week we enjoyed a high of 9C and lashing rain! At last today the weather crept into the teens and all the way to 16C – perfect for running when combined with zero wind and a clear sky. During the warm up I scoped out a couple of the distance groups and went with the 5k runners who were headed for the canal.  This is probably my favourite place to run in Glasgow and this evening lived up to all expectations. Sadly I forgot my phone so no photos for you tonight.

A tooth update – it is thankfully pain free (basically because it has already been drilled to buggery and has a root canal). I couldn’t get an appointment until the 16th but then had a call back this afternoon with a cancellation on the 10th – so not too long to wait. 


Running – 7.2 miles


5 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 4 – A splendid evening for a run

  1. Glad the tooth isn’t being a nuisance!

  2. Great run! My husband and I visited Glasgow once. It is a really pretty city. Way to go!

  3. Here’s to a belated Scottish summer, long may it last!

  4. There’s definitely /something/ about running next to water on a warm summer day. Let’s hope we get a few more days like Thursday before the summer escapes again.

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