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Junathon Day 6 -Half Marathon Eve


Tomorrow is the Coniston Trail Half Marathon. My friends are collecting me this morning and we’re driving down to the Lake District, returning Monday morning. This afternoon will be spent enjoying the Lakes, hopefully from a cafe with a cake in front of me. 

Did I say cake? I’m sure I meant pasta with low fat sauce.

My training for this race has been less than ideal, especially through late April, early May, though I think I got there in the end with a 13 mile longest run and an 8 mile trail run. Also I have never raced on a trail and the course is, er, hilly (I fully expect to be walking up some of those hills), so I really have no idea of what would be a realistic time. As a result I have not set myself a time goal so these are my goals instead:

  • Enjoy myself, enjoy the beautiful scenery and be happy that I’m fit and healthy and able to run.
  • Try to push myself, even when it’s hard. Everytime I feel myself easing off, try to push a little harder, run a little further before walking.
  • Hydrate and refuel well.

I’m not very good at rehydrating and I had been a bit worried about the weather: It has suddently become quite warm in England and the word on the street was that it was going to be mid 20s in the North over the weekend. I’m not great running in the heat and my GI tract doesn’t like it either (weird, I know). However the forecast for Coniston is 14C and sunny – perfect! I will still wear my Nathan hydration pack and I have a Honey Stinger Waffle plus some energy chews. 


Today for Juneathon I have done 3 x 1min reverse planks. Why? Because Runner’s World magazine told me it’s good for me!


14 thoughts on “Junathon Day 6 -Half Marathon Eve

  1. Good luck for the half tomorrow – enjoy! (As much as possible)… Looking forward to hearing all about it πŸ™‚

  2. Good luck with the trail half I look forward to reading about it tomorrow

  3. Best of luck with the trail half, I’m just off out to do a cross country run myself but it won’t be as wild or as long as yours!

  4. … you meant cake πŸ˜›

    (and reverse plank? I that like facing left instead of right?)

  5. Reverse plank? Lying on your back. Falling asleep? Sounds good.
    All the best for tomorrow. Enjoy!

  6. I like those goals. Enjoy it and the cake, you will have earned it. Take a pic if you get a chance, Coniston is beautiful

  7. Such a beautiful place to run — hope you have a great time, hills and all.

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