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Juneathon Day 15 – Back to Spin


Despite saying a fortnight ago, that I was going to crash the 5:45pm spin class with the good instructor, I returned to the 6:30 spin class and had yet another new person leading the class. That makes a clean sweep of 5 classes and 5 different instructors. Today’s class was not my favourite but not the worst. There were no arm press ups on the handle bars while trying to pedal, but there was also not a lot of guidance on what was happening. She also faffed about trying to get the music to come out of both speakers, which was far more annoying than just having the music come out of the one speaker.

At parkrun on Saturday there were some folk promoting their various fitness businesses. One guy had the details of a new spin studio that is about a mile away from home. His classes are a couple of pounds more expensive than the council gym but if I can have the same instructor from one week to the next then it might be worth the extra money. I think I will give it a go next week.


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 15 – Back to Spin

  1. I think you are amazing to do a spin class but agree re instructor

  2. I have yet to make it to the end of a spin class. Stupid fitness.

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