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Juneathon Day 16 – Just a run


I thought tonight I would reinstate my interval sessions. During Janathon I developed a 3 week cycle of interval sessions comprising of a session of sprints, a session of hills and a session of mile repeats. I haven’t done any of the sessions since I sprained my ankle in April – though partly that was trying to also fit in a 6 – 8 mile week night run in the lead up to the half-marathon.

Anyway, tonight was to be the night to return to sprints. But then I started to come up with excuses: Last night’s spin class is sort of an interval session; It’s warm; I have a 10k on Friday; I’m doing a bleep test on Thursday; maybe tonight would be best as just a run.

The excuses won the day so tonight I went for an easy run on a usual route. Not much else to report!

Juneathon Day 16 – 4.6 miles


4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 16 – Just a run

  1. An easy run wins over intervals any day

  2. Sometimes you just need to run. I think I may have been over complicating my runs a bit lately

  3. I think that you definitely made the right decision not to return to sprints. I love my easy runs on my two mile loop. I hope the bleep test went well.

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