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Juneathon Day 19 – Brian Goodwin 10k Race Report


The Brian Goodwin 10k is a race hosted by The Bellahouston Harriers*, a southside of Glasgow running club. Unusually the race is held at 7:30pm on a Friday evening, with a 2 lap course that starts in the rugby club and passes through the middle of Pollok Country Park before heading out around the pavement along the northern boundary of the park.

I got home from work at 4pm and was really tired, so I headed straight for the couch and pulled the quilt over me, waking 45 minutes later when the phone rang: Apparently I’m not eligible for government subsidised solar panels as I live in a mid-level flat – who would’ve guessed!?

I ate my usual pre-run breakfast of bagel and cup of tea, then went to pick Jason up at 5:30pm. Club mates Jason, Eric and Greg were all volunteering as marshals. Our club is organising its first race in August, so the guys were looking for experience in race organisation. I was the sole club rep in the race and marked the occasion by wearing my Glasgow FrontRunner vest for the first time.

As this is a club race it tends to attract club types (ie fast runners) so I positioned myself towards the back of the 400+ runners. By the 3k mark I had settled into a steady pace and found myself beside a runner named Julie (according to the people cheering her on). I positioned myself at Julie’s shoulder and stuck there for the next 7k. My watch hit 28 minutes just before the 5k mark, which surprised me as it seemed to have passed much more quickly than a parkrun does. Through the second lap, discomfort in my tummy told me I was pushing myself, and I was left to consider (again) that it is this, rather than breathing or sore legs that seems to limit my pace. 

I crossed the finish line, and immediately threw up in the bushes, getting attacked by the stinging nettles in the process. This basically mirrors my experience of two years ago, so was no real surprise. I recovered just as quickly and lined up for my free burger and beer. 

When I ran this race two years ago, I knew no one in the running world, I sat in my car until the start, ate my burger quickly and headed for home. This year I chatted to work colleagues, fellow parkrunners, club mates, former club mates and my old walking club friend, Stephen who has recently joined a running club and who ran a scintiallating 39:45!! By 9:30pm the guys had finished their marshalling duties and I had been eaten alive by midges (to add to the stings from the nettles) so we headed home.

I forgot to stop my watch when I crossed the finish line (too busy with my head in the bushes) so Greg kindly retrieved my time from the Timing Man. The race is chip timed and there is a man who prints out your time on a slip of paper. My time: 57:44, exactly equal to my PB! 

This was a low key, good value, well organised race and a nice way to start the weekend!

*Not to be confused with the Bellahouston Road Runners and their Jimmy Irvine 10k – a confusion that I’ve only just untangled.


8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 19 – Brian Goodwin 10k Race Report

  1. Running is the best way to meet people, that really warms my heart reading how it went from not knowing anyone to now being part of the local running family – nice. Sorry to hear about the upset stomach thing again, I really hope you find a solution to that one. An email to Runner’s World maybe? Or Women’s Running? They often ask for specific running questions to research. That’s a great time too! How cool to have a Friday night run, that’s different but really appeals.

    • I love the sense of community I have developed through running – it really helps me feel I ‘belong’ in Glasgow 🙂
      I don’t usually throw up after a 10k – I think it is the timing of this particular race. But writing to one of the magazines is a really good idea – I have a Runner’s World subscription so I’ll start with them! X

  2. wait until you’re try and sold a conservatory living in a top floor flat… my biggest a regret was not saying Yes!

  3. I love local club runs now that I know local club runners through parkrun and running club 🙂

  4. Throwing up in Bush’b after a race in greatly underrated.
    Good work!

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