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Juneathon Day 20 – I probably should’ve rested


I did plan to go to parkrun this morning, but it was probably a wee bit ambitious after last night’s race. I snoozed my alarm once when it went off, but the second time I switched it off altogether and went back to sleep, not waking again until after 9:00. 

My morning was lovely and lazy, but I managed to dress and leave the house to get to the post offfice before it closed. After my weekly chat to the parents in Aus, it was time to head out for a mid-afternoon run. Probably it should have been a short recovery run, but I was determined to make it a long one, as I won’t have a chance tomorrow. I decided on a a route and headed towards Maryhill and the city end of the Forth and Clyde Canal. 

Three miles in and I was feeling very weary. Five miles in and I decided to cut my route short and head for home. The last few miles were hard and I was more tired than I had been at the end of some of my long marathon training runs last year!

I managed 8 miles in the end which brings my Juneathon total to 62.9 miles.



8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 20 – I probably should’ve rested

  1. missed you at parkrun… had to run on my own!!! ;-P

  2. Going well…..good mileage…

    • Thank you! I particularly like the author’s scepticism when given ‘solutions’ by people who have links to the products they’re pushing!

      • I could not agree more. If nothing else, at least you know you’re not alone. One thing from the article that struck me was the eating of simple cards. Maybe your bagel breakfast is working again you? Maybe try some porridge? I have recently started adding Chia seeds to mine, you can buy them in Aldi

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