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Juneathon Day 21 – Cheering on the fellas


Today was the Men’s Health 10k. For, hopefully, obvious reasons I was not running, however 27 of the guys from my running club were. The plan was for me to jog lead a group on a short run to various points along the route to cheer everyone on. It meant meeting at 9:30 instead of our usual meeting time of 10:45. Clearly the women in our club are complete slackers because only one other person turned up!

The starting point for the race was the Transport Museum on the Clyde. Nicky and I ran down to the 3k point and cheered the guys through, before running through town to the finish line at Glasgow Green. We then met everyone under the G banner for a photo call and the caramel slice I had made and brought along in my hydration pack.

 I then had a mile and a half slog back up High Street to my car at the Glasgow Caledonian Univerity. I decided to take a small shortcut, but ended up in a dead end housing block. I cut through a garden and up a steep, grassy bank and down the bank on the other side. I then found myself in a housing estate, and briefly considered resorting to Google Maps but followed my nose instead and eventually emerged on a familiar street a block from the car.

Juneathon Day 21 – 5.2 miles in three parts.


3 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 21 – Cheering on the fellas

  1. Well done! Those caramel slices look yum!

  2. ditto, definitely worth 10k for

  3. Will run for caramel slices.

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