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Juneathon Day 22 – I’m ti-red

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I struggled to wake up this morning, and struggled to keep my eyes open through breakfast and getting ready. At work each cup of tea was a life line, keeping me this side of consciousness. Luckily it was a busy day with visits outside the office so the constant movement kept me going. 

During the night I had woken with itching legs from the 30+ midge bites I had acquired on Friday evening. I managed to unearth a packet of anti-histamine (age unknown) and wondered if that was the cause of today’s fatigue. But then maybe it was just the 19+ miles I ran within 40 hours across the weekend.

For Juneathon Day 22 I went to spin, trying out a new, local spin studio for the first time. The studio is small with 20 bikes crammed in, but it was less than half full. The bikes at the council gym have the electronic displays that give information such as resistance level, revs per minute (RPM) and calories burned. The bikes in the new studio just have a dial and it takes a little practise to work out the appropriate resistance for the activity. Otherwise I enjoyed the class and think I will keep going back. The class is a wee bit more expensive, but it is slightly longer, the instructor is personable and knows the names of the participants and I like supporting small businesses when I can.

Right, I’m off to bed…after I’ve read a few more blogs 😀.


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