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Juneathon Day 24 – Another Run


Yesterday after my lovely run in the sun and the very brief blog post, I met up with a friend and we went for a walk in the sun and had an ice cream (I had a waffle cone with a scoop of snickers ice cream and a scoop of Daim – since you asked). When I drove home at 10:45 pm the sky was clear and it was that perfect moment of dusk where the moon and (I think) Venus were visible and there was still a streak of red on the horizon.

It was lucky that I made the most of yesterday’s sunshine and clear skies as today I awoke to rain. It didn’t last but the sky never really cleared. I went for another 3.4 mile run after work. I don’t normally run on Wednesdays, but I realised on Sunday that if I run similar mileage this week as last, plus about 5 miles on Monday or Tuesday next week then I will hit the magic total of 100 miles for Juneathon! 

In other news, I collected a little parcel from the post office after work. It contained these lovely fabrics. I don’t really need more fabric…but I do have a plan for them, so that’s ok!



2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 24 – Another Run

  1. I approve of your choice of ice creams!

  2. Oooh KEWL can’t wait to see what you make! Love the colours!!!

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