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Juneathon Day 25 – Club run in the rain


Today is the first day of the school holidays in Glasgow, therefore it rained and will continue to rain for most of the next 7 weeks.  

Thankfully I’m waterproof (though my clothes, socks and shoes less so).

I was jog leading the 7.5k group at running club this evening. After the whole group introductions, notices and warm up we moved into our running groups. Most of the group were relatively new runners who had completed recent 10k races in times over 60 minutes. When three super speedy guys turned up and tried to join us my heart sank at the thought of trying to keep everyone together. I gave them the hairy eyeball, which frightened them sufficiently and they ran away to join the 10k group. The rest of us headed off for a leisurely run around the West End and Kelvingrove Park.

Juneathon Day 25 – 4.5 miles


4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 25 – Club run in the rain

  1. Er. the hairy eyeball? For us softies south of London? Is it a special eyebrow manoevre?

  2. I grew up in Essex, we had hairy eyeballs there too

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