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Juneathon Day 26 – A win for Juneathon


Had it not been for Juneathon, today would have been an exercise free day: I got home from work just after 3:00pm and sat on the couch, I ate some crisps, perused Twitter and read some Juneathon blogs. I made a cup of tea and ate two chocolate chip biscuits and some licorice. I looked at Facebook (cue some eye-rolling) and re-freshed Twitter. I then got off the couch and sat at my sewing machine and finished the patchwork top for a table runner for my mum. I listened to the News Quiz (bye Sandi Toksvig, it won’t be the same without you) and made my dinner. While dinner was cooking I did my calf raisers on the step and considered leaving it at that. I hopped around the kitchen and considered leaving it there. I ate my dinner (normally my line in the sand for exercise) and washed up. I lay down on the floor and did side leg raisers, planks with alternate leg lifts and bridges with alternate leg lowering. I even stretched my hamstrings.

Juneathon Day 26 – some core-strengthening that would never have been done if it were not for Juneathon.



6 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 26 – A win for Juneathon

  1. … I now have a craving for chocolate biscuits

  2. OH MY!!!! Loving the quilting!!!! Not bad on the exercise either x

  3. Don’t mention The News Quiz. Will miss you Sandi

  4. That’s a pretty good win for Juneathon and a lovely looking start to the table runner.

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