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Juneathon Day 27 – parkrun


One hundred metres into this morning’s parkrun and I thought “I really hate parkrun”. Today was my 60th parkrun, so that thought was either a lie, or I am very good at convincing myself to do things I find repugnant. 

So, maybe I don’t always hate parkrun, but I didn’t love today’s run. Based on my almost PB a fortnight ago, I had had high hopes for today, but it was not to be: I felt a bit off and it was sunny and warmish. I even forwent the run home when I was offered a lift. In the end my time was 28:07 which is not too shabby.

It was a quick shower once home and back out the door to meet up with a friend and her baby for a walk. We ended up back in Victoria Park and had an icecream and talked to the ducks, swans and coots (I think coot chicks have got to be the ugliest chicks around).

Juneathon Day 27 – 4 miles running and approximately 4 miles walking.




7 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 27 – parkrun

  1. Wish I could raise my butt early enough for ParkRun!!! Lol!

  2. I have exactly that same feeling 200m into parkrun quite frequently. Well done on the time, not too shabby at all. In fact pretty dam good.

  3. I like running but this ‘giving effort’ at Parkrun each week is so dam hard, my inner lazy person often takes over speed control after mile 1!

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