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Strathclyde parkrun with Abradypus


A few weeks ago I had a DM on Twitter from Abradypus; Ultra runner, blogger, ‘Athoner and parkrunner extraordinaire. She was planning a trip to Scotland and did I want to meet up? I certainly did and offered her a bed for the night prior to a trip to Strathclyde parkrun. 

It is possibly weird offering a bed for the night to a complete stranger but fellow bloggers are not really complete strangers are they?! I don’t think so and to prove the point I had no trouble spotting Louise when I met her at the station, even though her skin was not quite as yellow in real life as it is in her Twitter avi.

We headed to Strathclyde parkrun this morning. My last visit was in January 2014 and provided my first lesson in parkrun tourism: Always carry warm clothing for after the run. Today, however, it was mild and overcast but dry. Louise paced me for the first 2/3 of the run, asking me questions that I strongly suspect were more to test my effort level rather than satisfy her interest in the difference between physios and occupational therapists. I couldn’t keep with her for the last third, but I still took a minute off my previous Strathclyde time.

Apart from it being lovely to meet Louise in person, she has re-sparked my enthusiasm for parkrun tourism and I have started plotting my tours of the last 5 Scottish parkruns still to be crossed off my list…can I manage it before the end of the year?

Abradypus and me (I need to practise standing up straight)


12 thoughts on “Strathclyde parkrun with Abradypus

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hospitality. It was a pleasure meeting you.

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  3. Of course you can, go for it!

  4. didn’t realise we could stay with fellow blogers! *scuttles off to book world running tour*

  5. I haven’t had a go at Parkdean as yet, but went back to running this last couple of weeks, so I’ll give it a go shortly.

  6. Parkdean??? That’s a caravan site!! Must be dreaming of a holiday. I meant Park Run

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