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I’ve Joined the Club


…the walking wounded club that is.

Today I got a lift to running club and joined the 5-7k group. We headed to the Forth & Clyde Canal for a leisurely run along the towpath with a brief slog up the hill to the top of Ruchill Park at the half way point. It was a small group today but great company and pleasant conditions.

I then headed off to run home through the West End. I was lost in thought, planning a blog post about the races I’ve finally entered when I rolled my ankle as I stepped off a curb. I hit the ground hands first, followed closely by knees and sat there stunned for a few minutes.

I assessed the damage: bloody hands, grazed knees, but no broken bones and ankle functioning.

I considered my options: no phone, not sure if nearest friend was home and she doesn’t have a car.

So walking the 2+ miles home it was. A dapper man walking his dog offered me the rest of a packet of “Wet Ones” from his pocket which helped mop up the blood on my right hand.

I’ve now cleaned up, eaten and had a little doze in a sunny patch on the floor. The damage is not serious thankfully, so I will survive to run another day 🙂

IMG_1224 IMG_1225 IMG_1226


5 thoughts on “I’ve Joined the Club

  1. Ouch! Poor you! I’m glad there’s no permanent damage and you can run another day 🙂 heal fast!

  2. Oh B***** that looks sore. Welcome to the wounded club (walking might be an exaggeration for me!) wishing you a speedy recovery and brief membership

  3. Gosh! Glad it isn’t anything deeper – it all looks bad enough. I hope all the cuts heal quickly!

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