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Juneathon: The Penultimate – Inner chat


Today I wanted to run at least 5.2 miles and to incorporate an interval session of some kind. The bargaining started when I got home:

Lazy Me: Hills are too hard, let’s just run the flat route.

Energetic Me: Ok, well if we’re running the flat route, we may as well do sprint intervals.

LM: Grumble, grumble, we’re too tired

EM: *Sets intervals on watch*

LM: Eight repeats will be plenty, we’re tired, we’ve not done this in months, eight will do.

EM: *Sets 10 repeats* heads off

LM: Oh, our legs are tired, let’s not worry about doing the intervals. Five miles easy is plenty after yesterday’s long run.

EM: Ok, well maybe we could just start and do some of them, some are better than none.

LM: *begrudgingly* maybe, but just 5.

EM: *Starts interval session* see this isn’t so bad, we may as well do all of them.

So for Juneathon Day 29 I ran 5.5 miles with 10 x 1 minute hard efforts, 40 second recovery 😃. 


6 thoughts on “Juneathon: The Penultimate – Inner chat


  2. Way to win the battle and beat out LY! Great effort!

  3. EM is awesome for managing that!

  4. Oh I know that conversation . Having it in my own head right now after a 12 hr working day

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