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Juneathon Day 30!!


It’s the last day of Juneathon and I’m struggling to keep track of the days: It definitely feels like it’s Wednesday – probably because I rarely run on Monday and always run on Tuesday, so running yesterday and not today has put me out of sync.

Anyway for my final act of Juneathon I did 4 x 30 squats, 3 x 8 single leg squats and my calf raisers on the step. And sigh, it is done.

So, in case you missed it, here is Juneathon in summary: 

  • Blog posts – 30  woot!!
  • Running – 100.4 miles   woot woot!!
  • Spin Classes – 3
  • Races: a Half Marathon, 10k, and several parkruns (only one of which I hated by the 100m mark)
  • Blog post typos that make me look like a trail running legend – 1
  • Core-strengthning – lost count, but not as many as I should have 
  • Broken teeth – 1
  • Photos of Highland Cows – 0 😔
  • Maiden runs through Clyde Tunnel – 1

Thank you for the company everyone! I’ve really enjoyed Juneathon this year and to  celebrate the end of a month of exercise and excuses, I rewarded myself with this (it’s pistachio flavour, since you asked!):



11 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 30!!

  1. Great Freaking Juneathon! Congratz on you have accomplished and I kinda hate you right now because that ice cream looks good and I want it!

  2. Congrats… Loved keeping up (well on here lol) with you… You kicked butt!!!

  3. Well done on the mileage ton (quite apart from the rest of it) and on your elegant ice cream eating. Whenever I try one of those the chocolate all falls off at the first bite.

  4. You left my milage in the shade. Great work. Looking forward to seeing what July brings

  5. Woohoo! Well done on breaking 100 miles – it may be an arbitrary number milestone, but it’s so much more satisfying than 99.6.

  6. Excellent Juneathoning 🙂 not an easy thing to stay so consistent with, very well done!

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